Rose Creek Nature Preserve Bird Guide and Checklist

A resource for the avain-interested, beginning birder, or seasoned lister.

A Tree Swallow perches near her nest box on the edge of Rose Creek Nature Preserve. Photo by Casey Lowder.

For printing or use on your device. The guide can be printed front and back and folded in half.

In collaboration with Winston O’Neil, Casey designed and produced a simple bird guide with the names and representative images of some of the species that could be seen at Rose Creek.

Birds are organized by the time of year they are likely to be seen and only represent a fraction of the species that could be found. Many images were captured at Rose Creek and others were sourced from the Waxwing Imagery collection or the Macauley Digital Library. Images were modified to remove distracting backgrounds for a clean look at the field marks of each bird.

The back side of the guide is a more comprehensive, but still partial, list of species that can be seen at Rose Creek Preserve. This checklist can be kept to track the species a visitor sees at the preserve or used during a single visit to learn which birds to look for beyond those highlighted on the guide page.

Each bird is listed as abundant (A), unlikely and sparse (U), or not present (blank) for each seasons. Data from eBird’s Rose Creek Preserve hotspot was used to select the top 100 species and estimate the likelihood of their presence in each season.

 Rose Creek Nature Preserve is owned and operated by the Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute (PCEI). Thanks to the Rose Creek Advisory Committee for supporting the production of the bird guide.

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